• The ARI Venture Studio Vision

    To build the next generation of industry-defining ResTech companies

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    Our Thesis

    ARI Venture Studio invents, invests,develops, builds, and scales bleeding edge ResTech companies by bringing together extraordinary peopleto ideate, refine, validate and launch businesses using domain expertise, research, data, and design. Our personal, and personnel philosophycan be summarized in two words – “no jerks”.

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    Our Market

    The global restaurant industry has seenhealthy growth over the past few decades. The global restaurant management software market size is expected to reach USD $14.70 billion by 2030, expanding at a CAGR of 15.85% from 2022 to 2030, according to a recentstudy by Grand View Research, Inc.
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    Our Interests

    We love AI, automation, voice and opticalrecognition, generative technologies, and data-driven actionable insights. Our product strategy and investment thesis focus on true enterprise-grade solutions built to improve profitability for all restaurant operators, from small to medium-sized operators to global chains.
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    Our Focus

    We are laser focused to provide the best solutions that support a modern restaurant industry more reliant on technology now than ever before. Our single vertical focus takes advantage of our deep domain expertise and provides a unique, powerful, and sustainable advantage over independent technology entrepreneurs and venture investors.

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    Our Model

    An emerging asset class, venture studio is an evolutionary hybrid of both venture capital and accelerator business models. We assemble a core team & entrepreneurs in residence, adding shared infrastructure & in-house funding capability to build multiple startups in parallel. The objective is to move the startup from birth to launch in less than 12 months and support its Series Seed financing within 18 months and an exit within 5-6 years.

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    Our Experience

    Our founding team is just the most visable part of ARI Venture Studio capability. While the founders bring decades of relevant expertise, resources and skills, it's our carefully curated board of advisors, influncers and emerging Operator Council that is our strength. Combined, we are passionate advocates for the restuarant industry with real world experience in operations, finance, software development and investments.